Journey of a lifetime

Yesterday at 7:15, I anxiously pulled on my boots and made my way to the car for a journey of a lifetime. I felt like a nervous child on their first day of school ever. Hundreds of questions kept twirling through my head like ‘What if they don’t like me?’, ‘What if I don’t like them?’, ‘What if they all stare at the piggy making its way through the door?’ and most importantly ‘What if I don’t like the consultant?’

You see I joined Slimming World yesterday and I couldn’t believe how anxious I was feeling. I am determined that I will lose the weight and make it to being a coveted target member but I needed a consultant that didn’t judge and definitely didn’t humiliate me. I also needed a non-judgmental group. I needed a group that would inspire me and keep me motivated.

As I walked (I say walked but I hid behind hubby) through the door, the consultant Abi was lovely. So smiley and happy and made us feel welcomed, along with some members from her group. We sat as part of the main group so I didn’t feel like I was being put on display because I was new. I didn’t feel like I was the new fish being stalked by the sharks while they assessed who was the best to eat.

Abi was inspiring as she took us through the new members talk and made it personal by talking about her own weight loss journey and I felt ready. I was geared up and ready to take on this journey of a lifetime.

I stepped on the scales and I was … mortified. I am a shorty standing at 5″2 and I was tipping the scales at 14stone and 1lb. I felt like a whale and I was determined then that I never wanted to see that weight again! I went to bed feeling deflated but strangely excited to wake up so that I could start eating right and start to shift some of my piggy weight.

I’ve been posting my Slimming World meals on my instagram (@swrainbowswithoutrain) today and it has wonderfully kept me on track. I’ve only had 1.5 syns so far and I already feel much better in myself knowing that I am making the right choices to help me lose the weight. I’ve had so much fruit and veg that I can feel my body cheering ‘THANK GOD FOR THAT WOMAN!’

The highlight of my day was definitely the butternut squash soup that was homemade from the Slimming world book ‘Best loved extra easy recipes’. It was delicious, it only took 21 minutes in the Morphy Richards soup maker and I got a whopping 5 large portions! It was, also, full of speed food and it was syn free.

Now all I need to do is work up the courage to talk the hound for a walk in the freezing cold and I will be making good progress towards my New Year goals. I just need to think about the results on the scales next week and that will get my bum out of the door.


Mrs S xx


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